Hidey Socks Story

Hi there!

My name is Shannon Kehrer & I designed Hidey Socks because like you, I was tired of no-show liner socks constantly slipping off my feet.

 You can now FINALLY have liner socks that actually stay on your feet instead of slipping off.

Interested in how they were founded?
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I was SO tired of the original no-show socks constantly slipping off my feet that one day, I decided to redesign them for me so I grabbed a pair of ankle socks, put them on with my flats & cut out the Hidey Socks design you see now. I knew if I left an anklet then the sock wouldn't slip off & it WORKED. 

After weeks of loving the design & knowing others were struggling with the same sock problem, I knew I had to bring this product to life because it would help others with the same sock problem I was having & thus Hidey Socks were born!

Try out a pair today to see what your socks have been missing.

Key Benefits:

▪️ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

▪️ Swarovski Crystal Design ✨

▪️ Gel Section to Prevent Blisters

▪️ Specialized Bamboo Fiber